Color Movement Theory

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A new and exciting look at color!

We will look at color movement and how colors move in relation to each other. We will understand how to see colors and how to work with them.

Color Movement Theory focuses on color as a process, in an easy to understand manner that ties together our intuitive and analytical understanding of color.

Full chapter exploring Monet’s haystack painting in depth, as well as analysis of work from artists such as Rubens and Raphael.

Over 100 full color images help to illustrate the concepts clearly.

Move away from the idea of primary colors to a more intuitive and more sound analytical view of color. There are no primary colors!

Please Note: This is a digital ebook only. There is no physical book.

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Coming Soon!

Color is exciting. It brings joy and emotion to our lives, and to our artwork. In order to appreciate how this happens we need to understand the language of colors; how they move and relate to each other. One of the most difficult aspects of working with colors is that they are not fixed or static entities. Instead, how colors appear is relative to their relationships with other colors.


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