This past summer I went to China where I assisted in teaching a painting class, and then had a painting residency for a Month.  I was in Xi’an for most of the time.  Here you can see a picture that I took of the Xi’an city wall at night.

I went to the Beilin museum (碑林) while there. 


The museum has an amazing collection of Steles, stone carvings and grave stones.  They are carved with Chinese calligraphy as well as images. 


In the video below you can see a gentleman making a copy of one of the stones by placing rice paper on it and the patting Chinese ink onto the paper. 

I had my painting residency just outside of the city of Xi’an (西安).

And with some help from my friends to get set up, the painting began!

I went for a beautiful hike up in the mountains!

I came down from the mountains, and painted more.  And then I went to Shanghai, and then I painted some more.  It was a great trip, but not an easy one, especially with temperatures over 100 degrees fahrenheit (40 degress celsius) and no air conditioning.  But it was a great trip.  I made some wonderful new friends, and had some great experiences along the way.

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